Tuesday, January 08, 2019

New paper out: Varying dataset resolution alters predictive accuracy of spatially explicit ensemble models for avian species distribution

I'm pleased to announce that the first paper from my postdoc with Eli Bridge has been published (open access!) in Ecology and Evolution.  We compared spatially explicit species distribution models to those without spatial averaging and found that accuracy varied by species and data resolution.  Code and data are available on datadryad.org.  I'd love to hear from anyone who tries out the code on their own studies, as it seems this area needs more work to determine better practices for modeling.

As a librarian here at OU now, I would like to highlight that the OU Libraries' Open Access Subvention Fund helped us publish this by covering the article processing charges (aka page charges).  If you're at OU, do check out the fund eligibility, and if you're not at OU, please check your library to see if they do the same.