Curriculum vitae and publications

Download full CV as a pdf here.

Professional positions and education

2018-present: Science librarian
Supervisor: Sarah Robbins
University of Oklahoma, (Norman, OK, USA)

2018: Post-doctoral research associate
Mentors: Michael A. Patten and Eli Bridge
University of Oklahoma, (Norman, OK, USA)

2016-2017: Post-doctoral research associate
Mentor: Eli Bridge
University of Oklahoma, (Norman, OK, USA)

2014-2016: Post-doctoral fellow (2014-2016), Research associate (2016)
Mentor: Nicola Koper
University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

2008-2014: Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Zoology)
Advisor: Michael A. Patten
University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK, USA)

2005-2007: B.S. in Biology, chemistry minor (summa cum laude)

Honors thesis advisor: James H. Kennedy
University of North Texas (Denton, TX, USA)

Publications (Google scholar profile)

19.  G. Semenov, C.M. Curry, M.A. Patten, J.T. Weir, and S.A. Taylor. 2023. Geographically consistent hybridization dynamics between the Black-crested and Tufted Titmouse with evidence of hybrid zone expansion. Ornithology. Online early access (page numbers to be assigned).

18. Robbins, S., C.M. Curry, A. Schilling, & B. N. Tweedy. 2022. Recruiting, Hiring, & On-Boarding Non-MLS Liaison Librarians: A Case Study. Library Leadership & Management 36 (1). [Open access]
17. Rockwood, J. V., C.M. Curry, & E.A. Day. 2022. Distributed expertise, leadership structure & efficiency-viability tradeoffs in teams [Poster]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, United States. [Peer-reviewed Conference Poster.]
16.  Ruediger et al (Curry: 21st author - 73 authors total). 2021. Big data infrastructure at the crossroads: support needs and challenges for universities.  Ithaka S+R: [Open access] 
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