Monday, July 28, 2014

Complicated legends

I wanted to make a legend that had both points and lines.  I wasn't sure how hard that would be (maybe there would be two legends, who knew!).  A quick google search turned up quick and simple ways to do this.

You already need to have made a plot to do this.  But once you have your plot, this code works.

legend( x="topright", #places it in the top right; see help via ?legend for other options.
        bty="n", #no box around legend
        cex=0.9, #slightly smaller than the actual plot symbols and text
        legend=c(expression("Critical" ~ chi^2), #Fancy symbols and superscripts in this one!
                 "Pointy points",
                 "Gray line",
                 "Round points"),
#Legend specifies what text shows.
#Colors for each symbol.
        lwd=2, #Line widths and border widths for both points and lines.
         lty=c(1,NA,1,NA), #The line types for each line.
        pch=c(NA,5,NA,1), #The symbols for each point
        merge=FALSE )  #does NOT merge points and lines.

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